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Kamera & System Technik GmbH
Hugo-Küttner Straße 1a
01796 Pirna
+49 / 3501 46 73-30
+49 / 3501 46 73-55
IRIS - Zertifizierung

Development, 3-D-CAD construction and consulting:

  • Conception, developement and construction of high opto-mechanical assemblies and products
  • Application of image taking systems in industry, for vehicles and security
  • Consulting for mechanical, optical and lightning application in industrial image processing
  • Development of reflection minimized lenses for high dynamic CMOS-sensors
  • New advanced coatings for optics, EMC-compilance, temperature management and nano-coatings

3-D-CAD construction (picture: Kamera&System Technik GmbH)