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Kamera & System Technik GmbH
Hugo-Küttner Straße 1a
01796 Pirna
+49 / 3501 46 73-30
+49 / 3501 46 73-55
IRIS - Zertifizierung


KST GmbH is supplier for:

Train manufacturers:
ALSTOM External cameras for project LINT
Bombardier Transportation External cameras for projects : TALENT NSB; ÖBB; Regiobahn; TALGO 350 AVE; TALGO 250; Tram, Bremen; TRAXX
CAF (Spanien) External cameras for high speed trains TCF
Fahrzeugtechnik Dessau AG External cameras for PROTOS (Netherlands)
KONCAR Elektricna Vozila d.d.(Kroatien) External cameras for tram Krotram
SIEMENS AG External cameras for COMBINO, Tram Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Stadler AG (Switzerland) External and internal cameras for GTW External IP-cameras for TANGO and FLIRT (in co-opration with RUF Telematic AG)
ThyssenKrupp Transrapid GmbH Foreward Facing CCTV system

ALTPRO d.o.o. (Coatia)
CM Security Systems (Czech Republic)
Faiveley Transport (France)
HIMA-SELLA Ltd. (Great Britain)
ISOIL Industria spa (Italy)
RUF Telematik AG (Switzerland)
VERINT Video Solutions GmbH (Germany)
LEICA Geosystems Geospatial Imaging GmbH (Switzerland)
Spatial View GmbH (Germany)

Issue: 9/2007